free stuff on the WOTC website which ties into a AG

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free stuff on the WOTC website which ties into a AG

Post by snakewing »

Call me cheap, but I'm a sucker for free material that companies put up on their websites (that's one of the reasons why I like Goodman Games so much).

Here are some free articles on the WOTC website which can supplement the upcoming UNderdark adventure guide or a possible desert or artic adventure guide.

Arctic Adventure: ... 0030124a,0
spells of the artic,0
monsters of the artic,0
magic items of the artic

Desert Adventure: ... 0020720a,0
spells of the desert ... 0020817a,0
monsters of the desert ... 0020921a,0
magic items of the desert

Underdark Adventure: ... 0020907a,0
web enhancement for City of the Spider Queen, some of it can be used independent of the book to add a side adventure to an Underdark campaign ... 0021025a,0
spells of the Underdark ... 0021123a,0
monsters of the Underdark ... 0021228a,0
magic items of the Underdark

Well, that's all i can think of, but if I find anything else, then I'll post a link to it.

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Post by goodmangames »

That's a lot of good stuff. Thanks for the links!
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Re: free stuff on the WOTC website which ties into a AG

Post by losloris »

Just so that you know, these links no longer work.

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