DCC 102 Dweller Between Worlds

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DCC 102 Dweller Between Worlds

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I am really liking the rules for mass combat. Do you have any guidelines for determining host values of units?

Thank you!
Chuck Korsin: Woodcutter. Str 14 (+1), Agi 10 (0), Sta 17 (+2), Per 15 (+1), Int 9 (0), Luc 9 (0), AC: 10; HP: 3; Weapon: Handaxe +1 (1d6+1), Speed: 30; Init: 0; Ref: 0; Fort: 2; Will: 1, Holy water (1 vial) (25 gp), Bundle of wood, 37 cp, Crowbar, Sack (large)

Barnum Bailey: Animal trainer. RIP Weapon: Club (1d4), Waterskin (5 sp), 30 cp
Gene Yusmore: Cooper. RIP Torch (1 cp), Barrel, 33 cp
Tellessa Storie: Elven barrister. RIP Weapon: Quill (as dart) (1d4), Book, 33 cp
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