The Shadows About Hope - Live on Kickstarter!!

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The Shadows About Hope - Live on Kickstarter!!

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Hi friends!

Marzio here, some of you might know me as the author of The Doom That Came to Christmas Town, Steel and Fury, The Veiled Vaults of The Onyx Queen, and others. I just wanted you to know I am releasing my first every Kickstarter, The Shadows About Hope…and it’s LIVE NOW!! ... y&term=dcc

The Shadows About Hope is over 100+ pages of glorious sword and sorcery adventure that can be used as a stand-alone adventure for characters of level 1 or 2 or the basis of a mini-campaign that will take players from level 0 to level 2. But wait there is more...

• Sword And Sorcery Occupation Table
• DCC Demi-Human Class Conversions for Sword & Sorcery Play
• New Character Class – The Brule
• New Full Patron Write Up (Including Spells) – Delastria the Carnal Goddess
• 18 Unique Wondrous Items
• A Treasure Table of 50 Random Items
• 18 Fully Detailed NPCs
• Simplified overland travel rules and overland map of The Shadows
• Loads of unique creatures, locations, handouts, and more!

So head on over to Kickstarter and get in on the action…adventure awaits!
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