Looking for Players for Thieves World Campaign

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Looking for Players for Thieves World Campaign

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I run a campaign on Roll20/Discord set in the 1980's Thieves World using the DCC/Lankhmar rules. Adventures are a mix of my own concoctions mixed with reskinned Lankhmar adventures. We've been going for roughly two years, but lost a number of players in the last three months due to Holidays, schedule changes and a weird convention season.

If interested, new players/characters would join an existing gang as 1st level thieves, wizard, or warriors. Older charcaters are around 3rd level. It would be a mix of levels, but we've worked through that before in the campaign with little problem.

We meet every other Sunday at 5 pm EST.

If interested, go to Roll20 Looking for Game and looking up DCC, select Mature Content and Looking for players (we are usually at the top of the list) and send me a RTJ.
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Re: Looking for Players for Thieves World Campaign

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Is this game still going? I tried to look on Roll20, but I couldn't find your game.
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