Unmarked maps?

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Unmarked maps?

Post by CapnZapp »

Do unspoilery versions of maps you can hand out to players exist for DCC modules?

Ideally map versions where both markings like room numbers, as well as the grid itself, have been blanked out. And, of course, any secret doors.

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Re: Unmarked maps?

Post by Tabarkus »

There are a few VTT packs available that include gridless maps without location identifiers. I most alter pdf maps in GIMP or create equivalent maps in Dungeondraft or some equivalent program as there are dozens of map makers out on the market.
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Re: Unmarked maps?

Post by JamesBeadle »

I use a scanner and paint to alter maps and plug them into Owlbear Rodeo for online play. There's no reason you couldn't do the same and then print them for in person play.
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