Issues with Rappan Athuk (and Zelkor's Ferry)

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Issues with Rappan Athuk (and Zelkor's Ferry)

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I am prepping to run Rappan Athuk for a bunch of friends and I am having a couple of issues.

One is simply the location of Zelkor's Ferry. It is described as "the last place downstream for river traffic", and it has a ferry to cross "the river"/ The name Canyon River is also mentioned. The intro in Adventures in Zelfor's Ferry describes travelling the NORTH of the Canyon river from the old coast to get to Zelkor's Ferry.

Here are the issues. Zelkor's Ferry is to the South and West of two rivers. No way can being on the North bank of any river lead directly to the gate as described.

Further, the old Coast Road crosses the river downstream of Zelkors Ferry. How? Why? If a ferry is required at ZF, then it isn't at the Coast Road?

So here is what I am proposing (to not adjust the map a lot). I add a rapids below Zelkor's Ferry (to explain why further downstream traffic doesn't work) and why goods are transhipped at ZF to get to the Coast Road. The Old Path is then essentially a portage between ZF and the Coast Road. The ferry crosses the small river running north into the larger river that runs east to the coast road.

There ought also to be either a ford or a ferry on the Coast Road across the river, and if so, then likely a structure of some kind (an old shed for shelter waiting on a favourable tide for the ford?).

I am going amend the description in the module to be "travel on the south bank of the river from the Coast Road, one arrives at a river running north with a muddy landing. You can see a hamlet on the other side with a jetty, and a boat."
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