Anybody (else) run Fathoms Below Witch Isle yet?

DCC Dying Earth is both a sourcebook and a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of The Dying Earth novels by Jack Vance. Officially licensed by his estate, the Kickstarter will launch later in 2020 and the product will release in 2021...!

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Anybody (else) run Fathoms Below Witch Isle yet?

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I ran it for a 4th level party and we all loved it, but we had a surprisingly high body count. Most of that was just bad luck, but it really seemed like a tough adventure for being 1st level.

Anybody else have/run it? What was your experience?

Side note: I'm still waiting on a good illustration of a worm ship. I'm surprised there don't seem to be any.
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