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Biding Your Time

Post by losloris »

How does time work for you?

Do you play everyday? That is, do your characters live everyday or do you create gaps in time. If you create gaps in time, how do you fill them?

We are unravelling a puzzle that will take time, involve many steps. We just activated a first device at Grunard's Head that is one of five such devices in our area. When all are activated it will inhibit Olhydra's ability to do anything in this part of our world. The party is now returning to our base tower.

I am looking to provide a note to my players that says something to the affect of; 'you have been back at Taam's Tower for five weeks, construction has done this, some people have come to visit you, here is some news of the world, and, here is the result of some research you have done in your down time'.

Now, here is why I ask. Do you provide this type of update to your players? I am going to be leading them by the nose a bit here. Such as, they did not specifically say what type of research they are going to do. Yet, I want them to know certain things. Ultimately, I will be leading them to a choice along the lines of; go left and pursue this line of thought, go right to pursue this other line of thought. I am looking to produce this as a letter to the party detailing, which I can share here if you are interested.

In this way I am accounting for time that did not happen.

Do you do this too?

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Re: Biding Your Time

Post by GnomeBoy »

I don't see anything wrong with that approach, except that I don't think I'd give them the result of their "own" research if they haven't expressed what they wanted to do there... I mean, they could tell you what they want to do, and you could provide extra information that turned up along the way, but I wouldn't make assumptions about what they want to research.
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