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Appendix N is the literary wellspring of the DCC RPG. Discuss it here, along with related subjects: D&D history, pulp sci-fi/fantasy magazines, pre-genre literature, etc.

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Re: Show off your Appendix N

Post by catseye yellow »

hi guys. new here. just played my first game of dcc last friday and it was a blast.

thought that i introduce myself through this. astute observer (DC5 spot check) will notice in upper left corner of the picture several books (lord of the rings and hobbit) in my native language. i will try to get out from the shed old editions of moorcock (runestaff chronicles and elric stories) in so called south-slavic language to share with you. you'll also notice one of my cats (shelob - all cats are named after maiar, fallen or otherwise) proudly posing in the photo. my dog lobelia almost decided to join the photo shoot :p

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Re: Show off your Appendix N

Post by Rythwold »

Rather than just firing questions at people, I thought I'd put something back with a pic of my (very modest) Appendix N collection.

Last year I started going through Appendix N systematically, and I'm really enjoying it. The Tolkien, Poe, Beowulf and Lovecraft are books I had prior to this. I hope to add to this in the next few months and years:

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Re: Show off your Appendix N

Post by sgates248 »

This is a pic of stuff I found while out book shopping today. I was very excited. I have more than this (mostly Lovecraft, some Tolkien, etc.). Here is what I got today:

A. Merritt - Dwellers in the Mirage
A. Merritt - The Moon Pool (1st edition!!! - at least I think it is)

De Camp & Pratt - The Carnelian Cube
De Camp & Pratt - The Castle of Iron

Lin Carter (Editor) - Flashing Swords #1
- Contains "The Sadness of the Executioner" by Fritz Leiber (a Fafhrd and Gray Mouser story), "Morreion" by Jack Vance (a Dying Earth story), "The Merman's Children" by Poul Anderson, and "The Higher Heresies of Oolimar" by Lin Carter. Also contains an introduction, "Of Swordsmen and Sorcerers" by Lin Carter.

Fritz Leiber - Swords and Deviltry
Fritz Leiber - Swords Against Death
Fritz Leiber - Swords Against Wizardry

Jack Vance - The Dying Earth
Jack Vance - The Last Castle

and last...

Bruce Galloway - Fantasy Wargaming
While technically NOT Appendix N, this is a really cool find. It's in the pic with no dust cover.
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