Electrum pieces

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Electrum pieces

Post by Malcolm »

Electrum is a (naturally-occurring) alloy of gold and silver. It seems odd to have its coins worth 10x as much as gold (p56). I can see characters trying to make a mint out of this...

I suggest it be devalued or its column swapped with gold (if you want to keep a decimal progression).
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Re: Electrum pieces

Post by jmucchiello »

I think removing it is best. How much electrum is traded in Appendix N stories? :)
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Re: Electrum pieces

Post by maasenstodt »

This was an issue in my playtest session yesterday. I'm using The Keep on the Borderlands and found that I was having to juggle some math when the characters were at the tavern to keep things from being priced very strangely.

I too would recommend sticking closer to traditional conventions on electrum value.
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Re: Electrum pieces

Post by finarvyn »

I like to stick to copper, silver, and gold piece coins. No need to add a more realistic economic system.

Also, I'd rather have all prices given in silver or copper coins instead of gold. Makes gold seem more valuable. No need to convert prices -- just redefine the old gold as the new silver and go from there. :wink:
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