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Post by Cathayan »

I'm a big fan of the revisited series and have them all. One thing that would be handy (no pun intended) however, is if the handouts in the books were available as a download or printable on the website.
I obviously don't want to cut them out of my book and it wrecks the binding trying to copy them .
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Re: Handouts

Post by GnomeBoy »

Sadly, the contract with WotC does not allow anything electronic. I have at times taken a picture of a handout and worked from there, FWIW.
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Re: Handouts

Post by e4mafia »

no idea how in the world that contract was structured. Given the day and age the lack of electronic aids in the form of PDFs seems just unforgivable. Running this huge adventure has been the most painful experience of my 40 year Doing Career :(
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