Temple of Elemental Evil Campaign Resources

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Temple of Elemental Evil Campaign Resources

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Hello all,

I have recently started a 5E Temple of Elemental Evil campaign using OAR6.

I am generating some of my own campaign resources for this campaign, and am sharing them on my blog.

My latest post includes an updated 1 Mile Per Hex map of the Environs of Hommlet and Nulb; a link to my Elemental Evil Domain I have posted on Dungeon Masters Guild at PWYW; and information on my Cultures of Hommlet and Nulb, including how to contact me for a full PDF.

I am still working on the complete Geographical Regions and Random Encounters section and the Gazetteer section.

Check it out here: https://adventuresingaming2.blogspot.co ... -evil.html

Updates irregularly. Enjoy!

James Mishler
Personal Gameblog: http://adventuresingaming2.blogspot.com
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