OAR and Fantasy Grounds Unity

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OAR and Fantasy Grounds Unity

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I imagine the prospects are rather dim, however, has there been any licensing discussion of having any of the O.A.R. adventures translated to the Fantasy Grounds virtual table top? My understanding is that wizards of the coast have not permitted an electronic format under the licensing agreement, but was still hoping. . .
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Re: OAR and Fantasy Grounds Unity

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I started running OAR Castle Amber yesterday using Fantasy Grounds. Since I was running it "in person" I primarily used it for the maps with a sweet embedded tv in the table, i.e. no combat tracker just using it for the maps (which I found someone made some jpegs).

I didn't have a lot of prep time but here are some of the things that created challenges.

- Room 8 is missing its description in the module itself - I adjusted and used the original (green slime, black pudding, and grey ooze w/DND Beyond)
- Not having premade encounters slowed things down
- All of the NPC's and new monsters will take a load of time to create (ughh) including counters/figs
- Not having PDFs for converting into images makes running this thing a PITA and since it's a hardback and fricking huge it's going to wear this book down very quickly.
- Again PDF related but searching a 300+ page book for a specific reference vs. doing a text search has spoiled me.

All in all, not too bad for the first session but FG has spoiled me.
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