First Time Road Crew Experience

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First Time Road Crew Experience

Post by k_e_e_l »

Hi All

I just wanted to share my story...

For years I've wanted to be a part of the Road Crew but my schedule and the schedules of my gaming peers wouldn't allow any level of dedication. Now things have changed, venues have changed, and my peers have grown in number.

Over the past few years, I have gained many new friends through a network of podcasts (including one we started ourselves) and now I am Judging DCC games via virtual means. My players' experience levels varies from old school D&D to video gamers to zero RPG experience whatsoever. None of them have ever played DCC before and we're all having a great time with it.

Our sessions are open to the public via Discord and I always post them on the GG calendar. I even record our sessions and post them on YouTube for posterity. I can post the link here, if anyone cares to watch us. Before 2022 ran out, I was able to host a session and got my first RC swag in the mail which is great. My plan is to mail the stuff out to my players at the end of this module we're running through.

At any rate, I'm excited to see what 2023 brings to the Road Crew experience, Goodman Games is awesome, and so I hope you'll have me as one of your own.

Thanks for reading

-Judge KeelThor
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Re: First Time Road Crew Experience

Post by GnomeBoy »


I've also wanted to run more games than I've been able... Glad to hear things turned around for you!
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