2019 Gongfarmer's Update

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2019 Gongfarmer's Update

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Repost from the google+ GFA community:

Fellow 'farmers,

This year with your help, the GFA will once again rise from the ashes to publish another edition of DCC-inspired, community-created content that will be available for distribution starting later this summer. We will be making announcements soon on how we plan to get there, but I wanted to go over a few updates given the challenges we have with the Google+ community going away.

Leadership I am happy and grateful to announce that +Shyloh Wideman and +Clayton Williams will be stepping up to lead the planning and organizational efforts for this year's zine. Both Shyloh and Clayton were a significant part of getting last year's publication organized and done, and will be more of the focus for all things in 2019. As usual, +Jon Hershberger, +Harley Stroh, and I will lend support along the way, but I wanted to make sure that folks knew Shyloh and Clayton would be laying out the details of this year's process soon.

Community Google+ will continue to be an important place for distributing information about this year's zine until it goes away. And going forward we expect to be reaching out to you all on a variety of platforms in order to cast as wide a net as possible in getting contributions and help, including MeWe, Facebook, Reddit, etc. However, given the blessing of the Dark Master, the 'official' site for coordinating this year's zine is going to be the Goodman Games forums. That is where people will be directed to for coordination efforts. Again, the other platforms will be important for connecting with the community on a regular basis, and I expect the GFA team will continue to post information to multiple sites, but we will be directing people to the forums for the details of that coordination.

Timeline Every year the GFA community comes back with an incredible amount of content that feeds into the production cycle starting in the fall. Expect to start hearing calls for submissions beginning in March, with a goal of producing a multi-volume print version for distribution at Gen Con in early August. This year we are are casting as wide a net as possible and will be making a call for all of your DCC-inspired content, including MCC, Lankhmar, 3rd-party, etc. If it is part of the larger DCC family, it has a home here.

Thanks it! Expect some more announcements from the project team soon for what should be an interesting year.

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