Question about "Sticky Tongue" in Fey Sisters module

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Question about "Sticky Tongue" in Fey Sisters module

Post by traversetravis »

We are wondering whether the giant frog's "Sticky Tongue."

The description of Sticky Tongue says that with a hit, the tongue attaches. Then its says "with an action" the frog can try to pull the target toward its mouth, in order to swallow whole or bite with advantage.

Does the phrase, "with an action" mean that pulling the target towards the mouth requires that the frog take another action?

Or is intended to mean that if the Sticky Tongue hits and the target fails an immediate Strength check, that the "pulling toward the mouth" happens as part of the same action as the tongue attachment? If the latter, wouldn't it say something like?: "If the tongue hits, then as part of the same action [or as a bonus action] the target must make an opposed Strength check or be drawn to the frog's mouth."
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Re: Question about "Sticky Tongue" in Fey Sisters module

Post by GnomeBoy »

Sounds like a separate/independent action to me!
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Re: Question about "Sticky Tongue" in Fey Sisters module

Post by Bobjester »

I ran Fey Sisters Fate for my players last month. The players had superior perception checks than the frog's stealth and wiped them out with ranged attacks before the frogs could get close enough to use the sticky tongue attacks. Even with the frog's +4 to stealth and advantage to stealth checks, the characters rolled better. :oops:

Next time I use giant frogs, I'll adjust their camouflage ability so they have total cover (just under the water or mud) and tremorsense 30 ft so they can detect anyone approaching on foot. 8)
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