Updates of DCC modules?

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Updates of DCC modules?

Post by johnkzin »

I am a huge fan of the old DCC 3e modules (DCC-01 through DCC-52). I bought the entire library of them from DTRPG :-}

Any chance we will see official 5e updates of them?

Maybe with Player Maps for the regional map stuff (ie. the player maps shouldn't show the module locations on the world maps ... but the DCC-35 "players map" also doesn't cover the full area of Aereth, like Valfors Bay, Morrain, Cillamar, etc. ... so I guess what I'm saying is: I want to see the full "realistic" map, just without the module locations, as a "players map", and then a version with the module locations as the "GM's map"). And for the old-school among us ... not just the realistic maps we got in the original, but _also_ greyhawk style hexmaps :-}

And maybe cleaning up some errors (like the fact that the entrance to the lich's library in Whiterock doesn't actually appear on the map where you're supposed to get to it)?

I would definitely pay to see these things revitalized. I'd back on Kickstarter, and I'd go for both the print and PDF in almost every case. But I would especially go for print&PDF updates of DCC-35 and DCC-51.
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Re: Updates of DCC modules?

Post by qstor »

Good idea
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Re: Updates of DCC modules?

Post by Mat Mobile »

I think I'll place and order next time they're on special on DTRPG. No plans on running them 5e but with DCC it would be fun!
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