Into the Dragon's Maw

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Re: Into the Dragon's Maw

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I recently ran this adventure again. I forgot how long the battles can take. You really need at the very least 4 hours to run this adventure; preferably 5-6 hours. This time I ran it for a more experienced D&D group, but still they were only used to tier 1-2 adventures. I had 4 hours slotted for gameplay but as usual only three hours of gameplay was used. My group has a habit of socializing and showing up late during the first hour. This group didn't head my advice about preparing before you enter the lair. I almost TPKed the party with the very first encounter. After healing up and learning their lesson they were much more cautious. The rest of the adventure went well. The battle with Dragotha took a very long time because of their cautious tactics. They didn't mess with the Djinn bottle. Shortly after starting the final battle the game store was closing and I essentially had to narrate the end of the battle which always sucks. Again, I experienced the same issues. The players had awesome abilities and items and didn't hardly use them or use them effectively. They played this adventure as if it were a tier one adventure. Next time I run this, I am will do a zero session or just make sure that I run it for more experienced players who are used to playing high level adventures.
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Re: Into the Dragon's Maw

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I'm really interested in this adventure. Does it come with maps to use on roll20 or Fantasy Ground if I buy the digital version?
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