Recommendation for future adventures

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Recommendation for future adventures

Post by lukash »

Nope, not story ideas.

I'd would prefer to see a bulleted list of important things for each encounter before the "read to party text." Or maybe right after.

For example:
r-1 kitchen
• gem hidden In flour sack
• all doors locked dc15
• gaping hole in west wall leading to r-2
The foul stench of burnt toast permeates this room. Unwashed dishes are scattered across the large table in the middle of the room. A house cat is on the counter.

Searching the room will blah, blah, 5 gp gem stashed away in a flour sack. Blah, blah, blah...

Running Glitterdoom I found myself having to reread sections because I couldn't remember certain things in the flow of gameplay.

Sure, I could makes own notes, but if it doesn't add too much to the cost, why not just throw it in?

Just a thought.
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Re: Recommendation for future adventures

Post by Zargon »

Yes, please give this some consideration.
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Re: Recommendation for future adventures

Post by Ravenheart87 »

Breaking up the wall of texts usually used in modules by elements is a good idea. Makes everything more transparent.
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Re: Recommendation for future adventures

Post by TheZombieAK »

How about an adventure that involves Drow and requires real thought by the players. Also how about creating a nemesis that moves from one adventure to the next. Same character that is say 3-4 levels higher that the intended players but always escapes to fight another adventure against them.

Maybe a religious crusading module, take back a town town over run by the evil deciphals of Ra or something. Those are always good. Lots of cleric slow roasting players is always fun, for the DM that is.

Remember it just isn't a game unless at least one character dies ;-)
Ok a missing arm or foot is always good for the story line too.
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Re: Recommendation for future adventures

Post by caveman »

I'd like to add this review for consideration. ... f-pelagia/

I supported the kickstarter and have Pelagia and War-Lock and I really agree about the layout. I don't even like looking at these to read them. Fairly generic monsters taking up half a page. Walls of text with tons of blank space. It's like a word doc printed out. Why have it all double spaced by such tiny margins?
I like the maps and especially the handouts, but these modules need to try less to look different from DCC and be more useful modules.
I'm sure the adventure is fun to play, but not fun to read or look at.
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Re: Recommendation for future adventures

Post by Korro Zal »

You know, given how good many of the DCC modules are, I'd happily buy 5E conversions as well. Frog God Games did the same thing with their Quests of Doom series (converting Swords and Wizardry/Pathfinder adventures to 5E), and since they're making a volume 3 I imagine there's a market for such. Perhaps Goodman Games could publish a similar compilation with a few classic DCC adventures in each--I'd certainly buy it.
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