List of 5E modules through Goodman Games

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List of 5E modules through Goodman Games

Post by finarvyn »

I thought it would be nice to start a list of what modules have been created, just so folks can find it....

Fifth Edition Fantasy Series
FEF#01: Glitterdoom (level 3)
FEF#02: The Fey Sisters’ Fate (level 1)
FEF#03: The Pilars of Palagia (level 3)
FEF#04: War-Lock (level 5)
FEF#05: Into the Dragon's Maw (level 12; Free RPG Day product for 2015)
FEF#06: Raiders of the Lost Oasis
FEF#07: Fantastic Encounters
FEF#08: Eye of the Leviathan
FEF#09: The Fallen Temple
FEF#10: The Castle in the Sky
FEF#11: The Archmage's Lost Hideaway

I like the fact that the FEF series print copy comes with a key for a free digital download.
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Re: List of 5E modules through Goodman Games

Post by lukash »

any update on the release date of War-LOck?
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