5E Zero Level characters

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5E Zero Level characters

Post by PeelSeel2 »

Choose race and class like normal. Characters only gain skill proficiencies, weapon proficiencies, Armor proficiencies, and cantrips from their class. They start with half of max hit points plus con bonus. They gain all benefits from backgrounds. They start at -300xp.

That would be my take on it. Easy-peezy.
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Re: 5E Zero Level characters

Post by darjr »

How about
Random race and Random background. Stats rolled 3d6 in order. d6 hit points. A roll on the trinkets table. -300 XP.

At 1st level reroll HP for your class and take the highest of current HP or just rolled HP.
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Re: 5E Zero Level characters

Post by BernieTheFlumph »

I wrote an article about 5th Edition 0-level characters a couple of years ago. Sadly, I never got to use the idea.

http://bernietheflumph.blogspot.com/201 ... level.html
-Josh Burnett-
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