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MA1e Character Generator

Post by Morbius »

Hi All!

I am working on a character generator for MA1e, and it is going fairly well.
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At this stage it only does MA1e, and the errata. I haven't added the Dragon Magazine articles, nor the Goodman Games additions.

For simplicity's sake I am running the beta-test via Facebook, if anyone is interested. We are also discussing the implications of some of the original rules and unintended consequences. It's funny what you notice when you can roll up a few hundred characters and have a way of incorporating all of the rules into the process.
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Re: MA1e Character Generator

Post by Leg1on »

I'm not on the book but I am *very* interested in this.

That said, do you have a link for the book page it's on? I'd like to read the comments and conversation.

Please keep us posted about it.

*VERY* interested.
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