A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Here we can discuss James M. Ward's METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA game.

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A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by themightyeroc »

This coming Thursday night I will be introducing about 7-8 players to the World of MA for the first time. The best part is that none of them have any idea it is going to happen. I have been running them in a Basic D&D game for about four months. The last session mot of the players were either mutated (yes I have radiation MA style in my D&D world) or barely survived.

I'm going to have them play their characters waking up in a strange location (MA Alternate Beginning). I have transferred their stats over to MA character sheets and will hand them out as they wake up. The Warden has been holding their brain patterns in a "Fantasy World" Entertainment program and now they are being awakened to deal with the ship's problems. Unfortunately their true memory sequences are long lost and the only memories they will have is of their "Fantasy lives".

I'll post about what happens.
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Re: A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by JonHook »


I freaking love this idea!!! I cannot wait to hear how your players react. I hope they enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Mr. Themightyeroc, if you'll step up to the podium you may accept your Awesome Awesomeness Award. Well done, sir. Well done.
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Re: A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by Blood Axe »

That is AWESOME. Don't leave us hanging, let us know how the game goes. Give us a full report.
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Re: A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by GnomeBoy »

Yeah, genius idea. :D
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Re: A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by Buttmonkey »

themightyeroc wrote:I'll post about what happens.
So, how did it go over with your players?
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Re: A Metamorphosis "Surprise" for my players!

Post by Semi-Retired Gamer »

Sounds AWESOME!!!!
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