New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

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New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

Post by siefertma »

I was wondering when (and if) the new adventures and source books will be appearing in .PDF?

Mark A. Siefert

Mark A. Siefert
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Re: New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

Post by DM Cojo »

I was wondering this too...I guess I assumed kickstarter backers would get PDF versions of the stretch goals and add-on adventures like they did with other kickstarters. Hopefully we can get a hold of them soon!
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Re: New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

Post by francisca »

Just wanted to point out that many of the adventures and sourcebooks are available, and I've been snapping them up almost as fast as they are released. So, thanks guys for making them available.

I do have one request of goodman games: please consider making the GM screen available in PDF as well.

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Re: New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

Post by DavetheLost »

GM screen is now in pdf.

When can those of us who are not GenCon attendees get "Robots Among Us"?
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Re: New Adventures and Sourcebooks.

Post by finarvyn »

Typically a few weeks.
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