Stretch Goals Are Here!

Here we can discuss James M. Ward's METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA game.

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Stretch Goals Are Here!

Post by themightyeroc »

That little brown box of AWESOME arrived today! You can check it out at my blog:

I would just like to give a big thanks to Jim Ward & Goodman Games for making this possible. For me this is the one game I thought I would never have, and now I've got more than I know what to do with!!

Now I just have to jump on the 3 adventures I didn't add on, plus I hope more of those dice become available!
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Re: Stretch Goals Are Here!

Post by finarvyn »

I know. After decades of non-support, Metamorphosis Alpha has so much cool stuff out now that it's almost overwhelming! :D
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Re: Stretch Goals Are Here!

Post by Morbius »

I'll be one of the last people to get their copy - I'm in Oz and I ordered everything I could afford. I just couldn't quite make the belt buckle.

I had to console myself with this scene from Big Bang Theory...

I still want one, and am grateful I don't share Howard's problem (and that's not owning just one belt).

Although jealous as all blazes, I hope people are enjoying their books and stretch goals. :)

Craig J. Brain
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