Lankhmar PbP on Unseen Servant looking for players

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Lankhmar PbP on Unseen Servant looking for players

Post by rredmond »

We've had a Lankhmar game using DCC running for a bit over 3 months now on the Unseen Servant PbP forum. They lost a couple players and are looking for new ones. The Recruitment Thread is here: ... =21&t=7633

The game sub-forum is here:
Unseen Servant is forum based and your first two posts are moderated, but after that you can post, PM, and play without delay!

Please take a peek if you are interested, the GM's game description is below:
GM wrote:Come with me to the City of the Black Toga, the greatest Metropolis of Nehwon, and home to the dubious heroes, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. Adventure awaits!

...I'd like to run a game of DCC using the new Lankmar additions. Characters would start at 1st level... human warriors, thieves or wizards (so there would be no funnel), who are or become involved in the shady criminal world of Lankhmar. We would use fleeting luck and the banter rule to encourage some antics.
No experience, either with DCC (a somewhat gonzo version of D&D, somewhat toned down here) or Lankhmar expected or required...
GM wrote:For those of you unfamiliar with dcc, I think you will find it fairly easy to get into, and invite you to try it out

Some features of DCC:
  • D20 style saves & initiative
  • D20- lite skill system, with rolls vs DC, but no skill points
  • Extensive crit/ fumble system
  • 6 stats- wisdom & charisma are combined into 'personality', and a 'luck' stat is added. Luck can be "burned" to improve important rolls.
  • Improved power level & hp for 1st level
  • Wizards get several spells, which they can potentially use more than once per day (they make a spell roll with variable results)
  • Warriors get to perform "mighty deeds" which lets them try whatever cool combat maneuvers
  • Thief skills are integrated with skill system, and they choose a track... assassin, thief or mobster for skill progression.
The first files for the Lankhmar kickstarter are starting to come out, so come try it with me...
Some features of Lankhmar DCC
  • Restriction on classes... human thieves, warriors and wizards only
  • No alignment... you are all rogues
  • Background system gives extra flavor... characters might be failed wizard apprentices, or have healing skills, or be a former pirate... they also might have enemies or be under a curse. Luck will decide
  • Fleeting luck enhances the luck economy with a hero/ fate point system
    Enhanced non magical healing to compensate for the lack of clerics
GM wrote:We are again looking for some new blood. If anyone would like to jump into our game, either as an established character, or as a character they create themselves, they are most welcome to join us.

The game is small, and currently moving along fairly quickly, so you would need to be able to post at least once a day to keep up. DCC is essentially a souped-up cross between basic D&D and D20. Critical Hits/Fumbles, a different (more powerful) take on "Vancian" casting, luck mechanics, etc. It's very easy to learn, but no experience is necessary.

Our group has escaped from a mad wizard's prison and robbed a rich merchant's vault during a costume party. We need you to help us decide what to do next!
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