DCC#83: The new Chained Coffin hardback - really complete?

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DCC#83: The new Chained Coffin hardback - really complete?

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Hi all,

together with the 2nd vol. of the Judges Guild Deluxe the new DCC Chained Coffin hardback has arrived, yay!

It states that this 164-pg. book "contains all the Shudder Mountains material originally published (...)". However, an earlier version of The Chained Coffin (2014) contained a level-1 adventure "The Rat King’s River of Death" starting in Flaxton (which I could not find on the Shudder Mountains map though!) and this one is not part of the new hardback.

Also, in the section "Places of Interest in the Mountains" describes in one short paragraph the township of Bent Pine and ends with "More information on Bent Pine is found in DCC#83 The Chained Coffin" (p. 15). Notwithstanding that I am holding DCC#83 in my own hands, I could not find any more information on Bent Pine inside its covers beyond this section in the original adventure:

"Bent Pine is a small trade outpost rather than true village. Erected around a copse of wind-lashed pine trees (from which the settlement gets its name), Bent Pine is comprised of only a dozen buildings, including a smithy, a general store, lumber yard, tavern, and stable, all of log construction and roofed with sod. A plank building, dressed in clapboard and whitewashed, occupies the center of the community. This structure is a temple of the Sovereign. Bent Pine is almost completely inhabited by Shudfolk, and the settlement serves as a meeting place between their mountain-born culture and traders arriving from outside the region. As such, the residents are used to dealing with outsiders (...)" (p. 126).

Is that it? Meaning is this the whole of "more information"?

The Deep Hollows area gets a similar treatment, although it gets a d12 rumor table and several locations and encounters which are part of the original adventure.

Since the above raised a couple of doubts I wanted to ask whether the hardback is indeed "complete"? Thanks!
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