Appendix N - after 1978.

Appendix N is the literary wellspring of the DCC RPG. Discuss it here, along with related subjects: D&D history, pulp sci-fi/fantasy magazines, pre-genre literature, etc.

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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by ragboy »

The Gonji series is very Appendix N. A samurai comes to Eastern Europe to kill a sorcerer. Gets transported to crazy places and fights crazy monsters. The "fish out of water" vibe that Appendix N does so well is heavily evident...

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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by catseye yellow »

great! i will certainly try to find it!
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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by Griffith »

The Horseclan Series by Robert Adams has the Appendix N vibe.

One could probably find many Warhammer Fantasy novels that also have that feel. Gotrek and Felix? Totally Appendix N!

I also like the Brak the Barbarian books by John Jakes:
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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by stripes »

The daemon cycle by Peter v. Brett.

The daemons own the world, the known world is tiny. Man doesn't really band together in this time of desperation.
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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by seanskispeth »

Stephen Brust's Vlad books, anyone?
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Re: Appendix N - after 1978.

Post by Randomdays »

These are all books that I've personally read, so I can account that I at least liked them. There are many more from various lists that look good, but since I can't vouch for them yet, I'll wait till after I've finished them

Glen Cook's Garrett Books

Game Earth Trilogy By Kevin Anderson

Hawk and Fisher Series by Simon Green

Barrow Series by John Deakins

Land Beyond the Gate Series by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

Spellsinger Series by Alan Dean Foster, plus a lot of others.

Wuntvor/ Ebenezum by Craig Shaw gardner

Fanuilh series by Daniel Hood

Wizard of Yurt series by C Dale Brittain

Sorceror's Son by Phyllis Eisenstein

Thraxas Series by Martin Scott

Belgariad Series by David Eddings

Goblin emperor by Katherine Addison

Desert of Souls by Howard Jones

Videssos cycle by Harry Turtledove

Nightworld by David Bischoff

Pelman the Powershaper by Robert Don Hughes

Riddlemaster trilogy by Patricia A. McKillip

Guardians of the Flame by Joel Rosenberg

Crystal Duology by Tanya Huff

Zarathandra Duology by Donand Aamodt

Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay

Darwath Books by Barbara Hambly

Did anyone mention the Discworld series?
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