Looking for Players to join a Play-by-Post DCC campaign

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Looking for Players to join a Play-by-Post DCC campaign

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I'm running a play-by-forum DCC campaign on a site called myth-weavers.com, and it seems the players on that forum seem a little skittish of an unknown system, so I thought I'd post here to see if there's interest. I've found it a great way to maintain gaming fun during shutdown. We have completed our funnel with some survivors, and are looking for a player (or two) to continue the fun with level 1 characters. You would probably be taking over a halfling zealot with a magic helmet and a mission to become the uber-prophet of Interlope, the Tentacular Spectacular ... or a human survivalist who could level up to warrior or thief. If that's a deal-breaker, we can work something out where you start with your own 0-level randomly-generated dudes, we randomize who you get, and viola, 1st-level characters.

Who I’m Looking For
- You are creative, easygoing, enthusiastic, responsive, and your characters have a little somethin’ somethin’ without needing to be the weirdest one in the room. A GM can dream, right?

- You aren't big into rules arguments. This game is about awesome things happening. Trust that I want to tell a great story with you, and give me as much info as you can about what that means to you, and we can leave the rest alone.

- You're okay with a slightly more heroic vibe; I've found it hard to maintain momentum if you constantly churn through characters, so I have a few house rules that make your character less likely to die (but don't worry, you're still just as likely to go down in a fight!).

- You can usually post twice/week. Things probably slow down a bit on weekends, but if everyone’s around, who knows, they might speed up a bit. You’re also okay with us auto-piloting you if everyone else is ready to move along.

How to Apply

1. Write your favorite thing about DCC.

2. Write a description in 200 words or less of your favorite RPG character death. Sample is below.

3. A description in 200 words or less of your favorite RPG character moment of awesomeness. That “save the day” crit, that unlikely event, that final showdown. Again, sample is below.

4. A question about me, the game, or the campaign.

Now go forth, prospective heroes, and dazzle me with your creative talents! I look forward to gaming with you.


Sample Application

1. My favorite thing is mercurial magic. Because duh.

2. Character Death: Colin raced through the maze, blood dripping from his wounds as he ran. The diabolist who’d banished him here was surely calling down unholy fire on Colin’s friends while his pet demons ripped them to pieces. He was the party’s fighter. He needed to get back, to find his way out of this damned demiplane, to help them. The healing potions in his pack sloshed as he sprinted, tempting him -- he’d already been before being banished, and he was sure to pop back into danger. No, no time to stop and drink, had to find his way out and get back in the fight. There! The exit. He’d made it. He only hoped he was in time to save his -- POP -- friends. The friends, he realized in a split second, who had all piled onto that flying carpet with nary a backward look, and were currently receding into the distance at top speed. That split second was all the time he had, because without anyone else to occupy them, the pack of demons had decided to make a cozy ring around the spot where Colin had vanished, the same spot they knew he’d come back to. And they were ready.

3. Character Moment of Awesome: Being the fighter -- not a glorious job. You stand in front, you take some hits, and you get used to being outshone by miracle-workers. The rogue could dance into shadows and eviscerate giants. The wizard could conjure rainbow walls of light and the druid could turn into anything she wanted. So that was why, when the whole party was unceremoniously dumped down a cleverly hidden shaft into a featureless well-lit room filled with frenzied weretigers intent on killing every last one of them, Colin finally smiled. Because the rogue tried to find some shadows … and there weren’t any. The wizard tried to make his rainbow walls, and nothing happened. The druid tried to turn into some huge beast … and stayed herself. Turns out the whole place was an antimagic zone, and the rest of the party -- all magic, all the time. That’s what made them so powerful. But Colin? Simple Colin with his spear and his combat maneuvers and his hell of a mean kick? That was all natural. So he stepped in front of his suddenly humbled friends, and he got to work.

4. Sample question here.
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