Identifying Magic Items

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Identifying Magic Items

Post by WhiteLily »

Can someone point me to where the DCC system proposes identifying found magical items?

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Re: Identifying Magic Items

Post by BanjoJohn »

Well, "Quest for it" or.. get an eccentric witch, oracle, druid, or other magical NPC to help identify it, at a cost or favor for a favor. If you're able to cast "Detect Magic" high enough you get some idea what enchantment items might have.
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Re: Identifying Magic Items

Post by GnomeBoy »

There is also the Consult Spirit spell, which fits the bill.

There may be things sprinkled throughout the rules, but there's no one section that says "this is how you do that". Magic is weird and unpredictable, so trying to identify it should be, too....

Then again, you can just tell folks what they have, if you'd rather go that route. It's all about the tenor of the game you want to play and run.
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