New Spell Table Format (feedback wanted)

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New Spell Table Format (feedback wanted)

Post by BanjoJohn »

I wanted to try taking the spell tables, and modifying them to a different format, and would like some feedback. I've attached a screenshot that I hope outlines the new format I want.
The basic ideas I have could be summarized as such.
Spell casting classes get a "channeling die" similar to the warrior's deed die or the thief's luck die.
Each spell would have a mini-table that outlines bonuses you get for the result rolled on the channeling die.
Each spell has some "manipulations" which are options that the caster can apply to the spell, each of these makes the spell harder to cast.
And then there is a table of spell casting results like what we have now, but with fewer details included in each entry because the "channeling" table and "manipulations" provide different options.

A few purposes/thoughts/benefits I have for this format include: spell levels need not be included in spells any longer, as the modifications on the channeling table can be locked out based on character level providing higher channeling dice sizes/results. Spell tables could be shrunk down to the size of 1-page to provide some standardized formatting and prevent spells from being on multiple pages, to reduce flipping/searching for results. It would also allow for a broader range of results as it would be a combination of two tables and some mods rather than just one table.
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