Divine Magic used by Wizards

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Divine Magic used by Wizards

Post by BaophraT »


Does a wizard can use a cleric-magic scroll ?

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Re: Divine Magic used by Wizards

Post by Jim Skach »

Jeff goad doesn't understand why not...
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Re: Divine Magic used by Wizards

Post by GnomeBoy »

I don't necessarily follow strict boundaries between "divine" magic and "arcane" magic, myself.

Nor do I in play.
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Re: Divine Magic used by Wizards

Post by Mat Mobile »

Per the rulebook:
Wizards and clerics tap into different kinds of magic. Wizards
specialize in the better-known fields of black magic,
elemental magic, and enchantment. Clerics receive the direct
assistance of their gods in a style of magic called idol
magic, which may or may not be similar to the powers of
So, per this extract it's up to the Judge.
Idol magic, or divine magic, is any magic granted by worship
of a god or other higher power. Most clerics practice
idol magic. Falling out of favor with one’s idol severs access
to this kind of magic.
And per this extract, if the wizard is not in favor with the idol then he wouldn't have access to divine magic.

In other words, it's up to you.

If it were me, I would have two choices:

1 - If there's already a cleric in the party well then the only person that can use it is the Cleric (it wouldn't be fair for the Wizard to have all the fun).

2 - If there's no cleric, I would let the wizard use the scroll especially if it makes the game fun. I would probably have the wizard do a spell check using the Personality modifier (vs Intelligence because it's a cleric spell). I would secretly be hoping for a 1 and then I would roll on the Disapproval table. That's the consequence of playing with magic from the gods!

Just keep in mind that if you grant it this one time, you will probably have to do it all the other times the same situation happens in this campaign.
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Re: Divine Magic used by Wizards

Post by Pipeline »

There is a precedent to be found pertaining to spells like Detect Magic, Detect Evil, Binding, & etc. on p127.

"...the wizard applies a -2 penalty to spell checks. On a result of natural 1, the wizard suffers a 50% chance of major corruption or misfire, rolling on the generic tables as appropriate."

The guidance attributes the -2 penalty to the spells being different levels. Unfortunately, Detect Magic is level 1 for both Cleric and Wizard. I think the intent here is something along the lines of "IF the wizard version of the spell is a different spell level, the wizard receives a -2 penalty per level difference to spell checks when casting it."
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