XP for Non-Combat Activities

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XP for Non-Combat Activities

Post by Hrothgar Rannúlfr »

Hi, everyone.

I'm intrigued by the rules for XP for non-combat activities for characters that want to invest in bettering themselves as they appear on page 360 of the 4th printing of the DCC RPG rulebook.

It looks like XP comes faster when levelling up in unskilled trades. For example, the commoner might earn 1 XP per season (90 days) whereas a skilled tradesman (like a blacksmith) might only be able to earn 1 XP per year.

So, I'm thinking about how to handle an adventurer who wants to spend his hard won gold on self-improvement might go about earning that XP for non-combat activities.

Would it be fair to say that an adventurer who spends three months in training might be able to gain 1 XP?

How do do experienced DCC RPG judges rule on this? How long of a period of time spent in the appropriate non-combat activities warrant an XP point?

Also, what about gold and the quality of training? How do DCC RPG judges typically rule as to the effect of spending more gold and or acquiring a better trainer on the duration of training?
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Re: XP for Non-Combat Activities

Post by GnomeBoy »

Hrothgar Rannúlfr wrote:Would it be fair to say that an adventurer who spends three months in training might be able to gain 1 XP?
By my reading, it all comes down to the task in question. There'd be no "it always takes 3 months", because it depends on what's being attempted.

That said, I can't ever see myself spending much time on this in a campaign, and if it ever came up I'd be inclined to hand-wave it and just set an amount of gold and a period of time, and each player gets x amount of XP. Basically, a gold = XP thing, if there's appropriate down-time.

That said, I don't think I'd make it a set thing, and would be inclined to just say XP comes from doing the extraordinary (e.g, adventures).
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Hrothgar Rannúlfr
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Re: XP for Non-Combat Activities

Post by Hrothgar Rannúlfr »

Thank you, GnomeBoy.

I was doing some math and figured that at a rate of 1 XP per 90 days and rounding a year to 360 days... A commoner would take about 12.5 years to become a 2nd level expert in commoning. :mrgreen: It would take an incredible 272.5 years of commoning to become the immortal demigod of commoners (10th level commoner). :mrgreen: Maybe an elf could do it? :?:

So, even if it were possible to pay gold to train to level up, it wouldn't be an economical investment of time.
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Re: XP for Non-Combat Activities

Post by Checkyboy »

You know, it occurs to me that training could be handled in the same way as the various carousing charts that are out there -- I've put together a few ideas. Anyone have any more?

If I can come up with a full list, I'll post the chart to my blog ... archadestower.blogspot.ca ...

# Training Chart

? A Grave Misunderstanding: You and your master or patron have an exchange of sharp words, and he ends your training, telling his colleagues of your obtuseness. You gain no training, and you suffer a -2 to future training checks for the next year.
? Guilt By Association: Your patron or trainer is not well liked in certain circles, and your association with them will affect you – you gain a poor reputation with the following on 1d8: (1) the town’s lord or council, (2) the thieves’ guild, (3) a rival of the same class as you and 2 levels higher, (4) the city guard, (5) the leading church in town, (6) a sinister cult, (7) another jealous patron or trainer, (8) a rival adventuring party.
? Only The Best Gold Can Buy: You find a master or trainer, but he is far more expensive than might be expected. Pay another 20 gp, and roll again with a +1 to your Training roll.
? You Know What You Already Knew: Your teacher cannot impart any new skills. You gain nothing of value from your training.
? Learn Some Simple Tricks: Your teacher imparts some minor wisdom to you, gain +1 XP.
? Knowledge Is Yours: Your teacher is very successful in your training, you gain +1d3 XP.
? Hardship and Toil: While you do not learn any specific skills, your consistent efforts make you hardier. Gain 1 hp.
? Not Your Traditional Training: Your teacher imparts some non-traditional training to you. You may gain an additional language, weapon proficiency, or background skill agreed on by the player and the GM.
? Perhaps You Know More: Your patron or trainer teaches you some valuable life skills, and you gain a point of Luck.
? Better Than You Were: Your efforts result in greater physical or mental prowess – you gain a point in the appropriate characteristic to your class – Cleric +1 PER, Thief + AGI, Warrior +1 STR, Wizard +1 INT, Dwarf + STA, Elf +1 AGI, Halfling +1 LUC.
? Greatness Is Within Reach: Your training is not tedious nor mundane – your master assigns you a great task, a feat of greatness or a quest that you fulfill. You may increase any one characteristic of your choice by +1.
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Re: XP for Non-Combat Activities

Post by DanielBennett »

Characters can gain XP for fighting creatures by means of arrangement, stealth, or terrorizing, not only for direct battle (called "noncombat challenges" in the DMG) on the off chance that YOU esteem it so. You ought to clarify this in advance and perhaps "over remuneration" non-battle communications at first to get players in the propensity for searching for non-battle arrangements. On the off chance that YOU just give out XP for slaughtering things, anticipate that your players should attempt to execute everything. Train your players.
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