Persecution Complex RPG

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Persecution Complex RPG

Post by Jesse »

In a futuristic totalitarian society
regular citizens are conscripted
to hunt mutants and dissidents
in a trial-by-combat ritual
known as Jury Duty.

My pandemic passion project, a Paranoia-inspired dystopian sci-fi game using DCC mechanics, is on the backburner now that I have a job. But rather than let it languish, I will share the finished part: the rulebook, with some great art by Rob Rawr. ... sp=sharing

Also known as "Jury Duty" and "Zetaplex Justice" for the online gaming conferences, I want to thank everyone who played at Cyclops Con 2020, DCC Days Online 2020, GenCon Online 2020, Spawn of Cyclops Con 2021, DCC Day Online 2021, and GenCon Online 2021.

Not included are my two scenarios, Mister Mutant and Commie Pavilion, but I have art and maps from Rob and will eventually get around to finishing them.

In the meantime, who is interested in playing or running a gonzo bloodbath where the characters are incentivized to kill each other? Is anyone else feeling the vibe between DCC and Paranoia?
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Re: Persecution Complex RPG

Post by Father Goose »

That's a very cool concept, thank you for sharing.
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Re: Persecution Complex RPG

Post by finarvyn »

Jesse wrote: Sun Feb 06, 2022 8:42 amIs anyone else feeling the vibe between DCC and Paranoia?
Not until you shared this, but now that I've seen the light I can see the connection. Nice work, and thanks for posting it! 8)
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Re: Persecution Complex RPG

Post by Feirsteax »

I absolutely am feeling that vibe, and it feels pretty good. Would love to try this! Thank you for sharing! 🤖
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