Kickstarter Preview Now Available

DCC has inspired many folks to produce their own supplements and adventures for the game. This is the place for discussion of all 3PP products for DCC RPG.

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Kickstarter Preview Now Available

Post by Raven_Crowking »

A multi-session, time-traveling, horror adventure by Daniel J. Bishop. New patron, rituals, spells, monsters, artifacts, and more. ... zine-quest
SoBH pbp:

Cathbad the Meek (herbalist Wizard 1): AC 9; 4 hp; S 7, A 7, St 10, P 17, I 13, L 8; Neutral; Club, herbs, 50' rope, 50 cp; -1 to melee attack rolls. Hideous scar.
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Re: Kickstarter Preview Now Available

Post by hatchitt »

Woo-hoo! :D Looking forward to this little adventure. Just recently bought DCC and fell in love with the system. Sad the $100 pledge is gone. :x
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