Trend of Overpriced Kickstarters

DCC has inspired many folks to produce their own supplements and adventures for the game. This is the place for discussion of all 3PP products for DCC RPG.

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Trend of Overpriced Kickstarters

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I was excited to be notified of KSes for some new modules, but $8.00-$10.00 for a funnel PDF, no stretch goals? Maybe I'm a frugal crank, but even the official Goodman DCC modules are $6.99 -- and $4.00 when they're on sale! I would love to see these come down in price in general, with more rewards for backers. Most of the stretch goals on "2 Worm 2 Furious" are literally, "We pay the artists more!" Like, neato for you, but there's literally nothing in that for me!
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Re: Trend of Overpriced Kickstarters

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