What's the largest group you've played?

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What's the largest group you've played?

Post by goodmangames »

One of the fun parts of 0-level play is that it's very exciting but at the same time very easy to run. Whenever I get large groups signed up for an event, I run a 0-level session. The more the merrier!

This past weekend I ran four games. Two of them were in the 6-player range so I ran one level 2 game and one level 4 game. But two of the sessions had large numbers of players show up so I did level 0 games.

Up until this past weekend, the largest session I'd run was a game with 28 PCs at Gary Con. I believe there were 7 players in that game (4 PCs each, if I remember correctly). But this past weekend we set new records! At FCB Sports Cards & Games we had 10 players / 30 PCs in one session. And at Dicehead Games we had 11 players / 33 PCs in another session! Both of those games were a hoot to play with lots of crazy player antics and exciting action all around.

So, I'm curious...what's the largest group YOU have ever played with??
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Re: What's the largest group you've played?

Post by meinvt »

Session report still to come, but last Thursday I played with six players. Three had previously survived a funnel and had level 1 characters. I let them each bring a level 0 henchman. The other three were new and each had three level 0 characters. So, a total of six players and 15 characters.

I'm really enjoying the way the greater number of individuals in the party allows for all sorts of fun an interesting interactions and antics. In our ongoing sandbox campaign I'm going to continue to allow players to bring a main character and then a second character of equal or lower level, or generally a 4 character level 0 group. I cut it down just a bit because of having six people at the table and wanting to keep the pace up a bit more.

We played for about 3.5-4 hours and had seven of the 15 characters survive. Remarkably, every player had a surviving character (including all the level 1's, with two of them making their luck roll to recover from the apparently dead). Once again the dog survived as well. So did Anton the Hen, named after his original owner Deaf Anton who was first to die.
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Re: What's the largest group you've played?

Post by cr0m »

Are you talking DCC or any game ever?
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Re: What's the largest group you've played?

Post by Ogrepuppy »

cr0m wrote:Are you talking DCC or any game ever?
Considering this is in the DCC RPG thread (and not in the General thread) and he specifically asks about 0-level characters, I'd think he's asking DCC-specific. :wink:
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Re: What's the largest group you've played?

Post by Abchiptop »

15 players, ~ 30 pcs.
Everyone rolled one, when it died, I allowed a re roll of occupation, stats and hp
It was chaotic good, combat was almost non existent because I rolled poorly on init. the sheer number of players muddled up the game a bit. 7 players is the biggest group I'll run in the future.

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