Poisons & Diseases

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Re: Poisons & Diseases

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That's why I don't think, in the end, it will need even a page. Maybe a small sidebar in the monster or trap section.
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Re: Poisons & Diseases

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(Takes off Hat in sympathy)
meinvt wrote:I have nothing against special diseases and poisons when they are adding to the story. Given that the early RPGs that DCC is somewhat modeled on had a poison mechanism where you made one saving throw (with modifier for poison's strength) and a failure was death, well, I thought this was pretty fair.

Lay-on-hands is not a solution for poison/disease. I assume there will be spells to that effect, and certainly their should be anti-venoms and cures the characters can go questing to find.

Really I'll I was trying to do was put a few more steps and time in the "save vs. death" chain so that players could actually undertaking trying to save a poison or diseased character.
Well given the recent release of the Cleric revision we are getting some feed back on this subject.
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