Elf Grimoire

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Elf Grimoire

Post by raskal »

The Elf class use grimoire as Wizards ? They can learn new spells from others grimoires as Wizards can do ?
In the course of his travels, a wizard may come across recordings of spells. He may steal another wizard’s grimoire. He may find etchings in a lost tomb. He may make acquaintance with a generous demon. Should a wizard have a source of knowledge for a new spell, he may choose to learn that spell when he reaches a new level instead of rolling randomly.
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Re: Elf Grimoire

Post by shadewest »

Yes. For purposes of spell casting, elves function the same as wizards. Elves have fewer spells known per level, and must start with Patron Bond/Invoke Patron. Otherwise, their magic is the same as a wizard's.
...unless the judge rules otherwise.

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