Spells in the rulebook

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Spells in the rulebook

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Joesph posted this in an "update" thread in another section of the boards and I didn't want it to get lost. Here are some updates on spells in the DCC rulebook:
goodmangames wrote:Here's a quick rundown of where we stand. This is specific to wizards since that is what I'm working on right now.

Normal wizard spells, available to all casters:
Level 1: 26 spells
Level 2: 23 spells
Level 3: 23 spells
Level 4: 6 spells
Level 5: 5 spells

Patrons, each with 3 additional spells (level 1, 2, 3):
Bobugbubilz, demon lord of amphibians
Sezrekan the Elder, the wickedest of sorcerers
Azi Dahaka, demon lord of storms and waste
The King of Elfland, ruler of the fey lands beyond the twilight
The Three Fates, who control the fate of all men and gods to see that the world reaches its destiny

The actual spell lists:

Level 1
Animal summoning
Charm person
Chill touch
Choking cloud
Color spray
Comprehend languages
Detect magic
Ekim’s mystical mask
Find familiar
Flaming hands
Feather fall
Force manipulation
Invoke patron
Magic missile
Magic shield
Patron bond
Read magic
Runic alphabet, mortal
Spider climb
Ward portal

Level 2
Arcane affinity
Detect evil
Detect invisible
Fire resistance
Invisible companion
Locate object
Magic mouth
Mirror image
Monster summoning
Nythuul’s porcupine coat
Ray of enfeeblement
Scorching ray
Spider web
Wizard staff

Level 3
Breathe life
Consult spirit
Demon summoning
Dispel magic
Eldritch hound
Emirikol’s entropic maelstrom
Eternal champion
Gust of wind
Lightning bolt
Make potion
Planar step
Runic alphabet, fey
Sword magic
Turn to stone
Water breathing
Write magic

Level 4
Control fire
Control ice
Lokerimon’s orderly assistance
Wizard sense

Level 5
Hepsoj’s fecund fungi
Lokerimon’s Unerring Hunter
Magic bulwark
Mind purge

Here are some example of the corruption/misfire entries for spells. I just picked a couple I particularly like as examples. Every spell has both corruption AND misfire entries; the entries below are just some examples from a couple spells. As noted previously, a roll of a natural 1 on a spell now requires a 1d6 roll, modified by the wizard's Luck, and based on that roll results in some mishap. For example: "Roll 1d6 modified by Luck: (0 or less) corruption + patron taint + misfire, (1-2) corruption, (3) patron taint (or corruption if no patron), (4+) misfire."

Magic missile misfire results: Roll 1d6: (1) explosion of missiles sprays in all directions – all creatures within 100’ (allies and enemies) are hit by 1d4-1 missiles each doing 1 point of damage; (2) missiles launch forth then ricochet back on caster, who is hit by 1d3-1 missiles for 1 point of damage each; (3) explosion of force energy centered on caster, causing 1d6 damage to caster and all within 10’ (DC 10 Ref save for half); (4) delayed blast – no effect now but at a random point sometime in the next 24 hours, determined whenever the character rolls his next 1 on any dice roll (not just a d20), a single magic missile bolts forth to strike one randomly determined character within 100’ for 1d4 damage (which is the caster if there are no other targets) – if no 1 is rolled in 24 hours, risk passes without damage; (5) character becomes charged with force energy, such that the next creature or object he touches suffers a blast of discharge causing 1d6+1 damage to target and 1 point of damage to caster; (6) force energy manifests in downward direction, burning hole in the ground under caster – ground beneath him is rapidly disintegrated to depth of 1d20 feet and he sinks with falling depth of ground to find himself at bottom of pit – there is no initial falling damage since he “rides” the drop in ground level but depth of pit may open to lower level of the dungeon (potentially causing damage) and he must spend now climb out.

Force manipulation corruption results: Roll 1d5: (1) caster loses his sense of touch as if his hands were permanently enveloped in an envelope of force, (2) small objects are knocked over around the caster by errant bolts of force energy (drinks spilled, vases toppled, potion bottle fall off tables) – this effect is seldom to the caster’s benefit, (3) caster floats a half-inch above the ground at all time, but still puts pressure on the floor beneath him to set off traps, sink in water, and otherwise suffer the effects of poor terrain, (4) caster’s face turns transparent on occasion to reveal the skull beneath, (5) once per day at the judge’s discretion, a wall of force bars the caster’s passage for 1d3 rounds.

Ropework misfire results: Roll 1d4: (1) for next 1d4 hours character repels ropes as if by an invisible force field – ropes always “bounce away” when he approaches, and they slip out of his hand whenever he manages to grab one; (2) rope is summoned to immediately bind the character securely (DC 15 Agi or Str check to escape, or rope must be cut); (3) character plus 1d4 nearest allies are all drawn together by magically summoned rope which proceeds to bind them in a complex knot (DC 15 Agi or Str check to escape, or rope must be cut); (4) 1d4 animated ropes appear and begin attacking all nearby creatures! (AC 8, 5 hp each, atk whip +3 melee (dmg 1d3)).

Spider climb corruption results: Roll 1d6: (1) caster grows four large spider-like limbs from his back; (2) caster can spin small webs like a spider, able to throw them up to 30’ as a sticky goo (ranged attack roll, DC 12 Strength or Agility check for target to escape); (3) caster grows short, spindly hairs across the surface of his skin, much like a spider; (4) caster grows six extra eyes, clustered around his normal eyes, so they resemble a spider’s; (5) caster’s hands and feet excrete an oily, sticky substance that causes small objects to stick to them; (6) roll on minor corruption table.
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