Armor Class calculation

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Armor Class calculation

Post by Dionysos »

Hello! It may be a few weeks before I am able to assemble my players to give this a full-on playtest, so I have just been posting some errata-type stuff in the meantime. I have to say, this game looks terrific! I really haven't been excited about a game this much in a rather long time.

Now, on to the subject of my post. Am I correct in thinking that AC is calculated as 10+armor bonus+shield bonus+Agility bonus+ magical/miscellaneous bonuses? If so, then the discussion of Armor Class on page 64 makes no mention of the "10+" part of the calculation. If I were reading that and had no background with 3e, I would think that a character in full plate armor would have an AC of 8, rather than 18.
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Re: Armor Class calculation

Post by Harley Stroh »

Yikes! Good catch. It is indeed 10+. We need to go through the rules and make certain that is stated.

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Re: Armor Class calculation

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Thank you, Rat King! I had just done a .pdf search and could not find the base AC in the document.
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Re: Armor Class calculation

Post by reverenddak »

You're right. The only place that alludes to an unarmored person having AC 10 is on page 6. A classic case of assumptions based on what we know about older games.
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Re: Armor Class calculation

Post by Michael Pfaff »

Yup. We noticed this in our playtest.

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