Need help on the DCC 12.5

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Need help on the DCC 12.5

Post by blaise84 »

Hey All;

Question please. I am currently putting my heroes through DCC 12.5 and in it it says that the Ebon Egg starts at 30' Long and 20' Wide. At 100' Long it gains sentience and will go after the heroes once they open the vault.

Well, if I figure this correctly, the Egg has 70' to grow and if it grows at 1' for every 10 HP of "Violence" that means 700 HP of violence within 100' of it will make the egg come alive.


Does that include "violence" against constructs ? I am asking because the heroes entered the Library. And in there are 20x15 hp of "possessed" books, a master tome of 52 HP and two smothering rugs of 168 HP each which equals...

300 + 52 + 336 = 688 HP

That leaves 120 HP left over before the Egg becomes sentient and starts to eat everything.

Oy boy... And if the Egg becomes sentient, wouldn't it start to eat everything starting with the driders in the vault and just go from there? I don't think the vault would hold it at that point... Wouldn't it more or less just become this MASSIVE black hole that starts to render everything around it null and void ?

Especially if it can then move at 60'/Round ?

Because if it does, then the heroes are in trouble because they took about 160HP of damage fighting in the library and that would CERTAINLY mean that the Egg is now sentient.

If anyone could shed some tight on this from Goodman Games, I would MOST appreciate it, thanks

Please help.

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