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My daughter recently joined the D&D club at her school. I went out and bought her copies of the DMG and PH since only the DM of the group had books. I've never liked much of the D&D that came out after 1E but I browsed the web and ran across DCC and I'm excited to play. I don't have my book yet but have read what's on the net. My only nagging question is the dice? They're cool and I don't have any issue with them but was just curious why not just use percentile dice? They work just the same as all the others but without the need for odd dice not readily on hand at the LGS.
Thank you so much for this game. I'm pretty sure after my kids play DCC they'll drop D&D and we will have years of fun times ahead.
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Re: Dice

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When Joseph Goodman (company owner and head honcho of the DCC RPG) started his quest to write a new RPG, he had a couple of key elements that he wanted to see. He wanted a game which was simple to play, he wanted a game which reflected the feel of the old Appendix N stories, and he wanted something with funky dice.

Back in '75 when I first started playing it was really hard to find decent dice other than standard d6's, but nowadays most game stores (and many bookstores like Barnes & Noble) carry standard polyhedral dice sets for gaming. DCC RPG takes that standard poly set and adds in a few more funky shapes, but you can simulate most of the unusual ones with a little imagination and the standard poly dice. Could he have designed a game to use percentile dice only? Sure, but that's not what he wanted.

By the way, giving both 5E and DCC a look is a good idea. Each game brings a different style to the table and it will be interesting to see which you (and your daughter) like the most. 5E is the best version of D&D (in my opinion) since the old 1E/2E days at TSR, but DCC is a lot simpler to play once you get over that "every spell has its own table" thing that seems to trouble some players.
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