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DCC Stamps

Post by mutazoid »

I was wonder would people be willing to share the DCC dead or alive stamps they have made?
Is there any official DCC dead stamp?
Im thinking about Judging a funnel and would like to bring a dead stamp ;)
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Re: DCC Stamps

Post by sillywilly4 »

I've seen these too and they look incredible. No idea where they're coming from though.
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Re: DCC Stamps

Post by Raven_Crowking »

I'm not sure were to locate them now, but Harley Stroh made images of his stamps available at one point. When I had mine made, I found a place online that would make the stamps from an image and then ship them to me.
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Re: DCC Stamps

Post by GnomeBoy »

The various images have been circulating, and then folks have them made at online places or local places that make rubber stamps. More cost effective than someone making them, then selling them to you...
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Re: DCC Stamps

Post by Thorynn »

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