"Good campaign world for DCC"

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"Good campaign world for DCC"

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I just read the following review posted yesterday by Taylor Frank on DriveThruRPG for The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence. I, too, think it's ideally suited to DCC...

In the sea of supplements, modules, campaign settings, and other old-school role-playing products available to the discerning reader, it can be hard to know exactly where to steer your ship. And by ship I mean your gaming time and hard-earned cash. You could do far worse than to steer your ship to the Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence, and here is why:

It is an incredibly detailed and intensely personal "road map" to running games in a trio of cursed islands populated with all manner of interesting things for players to become entangled in. Perhaps they shall meet a veteran of the Psychic Wars? Or put an end to the Spawn of the Slug-Beast? Maybe they will best the Giant Super-Computer or enter a spell duel with a Cyber-Sorcerer? The possibilities are limitless, with over one hundred hex's worth of adventure presented with various levels of detail. These entries range from well-mapped and stocked dungeons to detailed encounters on down to vague location descriptions, with much variety in between.

The book also includes a large amount of tables, house rules, and other resources that cover nearly everything from character background generation, magic swords, enchanted crystals, and many other fun ideas. These rules and ideas are written in an intuitive and conversational style that harkens back to the old White Wolf books, which this reviewer feels places this book in good company. Although only tested with DCC RPG, these rules, items, and tables could be used to drop nearly any group of eager adventurers into the madness that is the Purple Isles regardless of which rules system they favor. In fact, this book makes a good campaign world for the fledgling DCC Judge, presenting a world map for you to set each of the different modules you run, with all kinds of take it or leave it house rule goodness to keep your campaign weird, wild, and cranked up to 11!


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