Con on the Cob in October?

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Con on the Cob in October?

Post by sniderman »

I see that Goodman Games will have a booth in the Vendor's Hall! Who's manning the booth, and what games are scheduled to be run? Details needed, please!

EDITED TO ADD: Whoops, I see Doug's name just popped up in the booth next to it, so that answers that!
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Re: Con on the Cob in October?

Post by Doug Kovacs »

I've submitted : The Spine Wizards Tower, A modified version of the Emerald Enchanter (where you start in his prison), and Ride of the Black eagle.

Roy Snider will be running other games and Eric Daum will be running Frozen in Time and Sailors. For the most part I won't be in charge of the booth but will be a little bit when Roy needs to run games. I'd be open to pick up games of what ever over the weekend.
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