Sellswords of Punjar: Where is Cutpurse Alley

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Sellswords of Punjar: Where is Cutpurse Alley

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Hey everyone,

this is my first time running a Goodman Games module, and so far I love how well it's written.

I've been trying to find clues as to where Cutpurse Alley is located within Punjar, and running into a trapped gate, so to speak. I'm sure I've simply skimmed over it, so could you help me out?


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Re: Sellswords of Punjar: Where is Cutpurse Alley

Post by oldschooldm »

Read Appendix I:

"But the city has many faces, as befitting a metropolis
of its size, with each neighborhood, district and ward
offering its own intrigues and dangers. Sellswords of
Punjar is set in the slums of Old Punjar, better known
to locals as Smoke.

Home to the city’s most desperate and despairing
citizens, Smoke is a collection of seething ruins,
hastily built shakes, and rat infested tenements. Those
rare individuals that do manage to escape the ward’s
grinding poverty are often nefarious rogues, with the
will to survive at any costs. The saying, “Worse than
Smokin’ cove,” is canting speak used to characterize a
particularly wicked double-cross or deceit."
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