Android Dice Apps?

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Mac V
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Android Dice Apps?

Post by Mac V »

Anyone have a suggestion for a dice app that would cover the funky dice in DCC?
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Re: Android Dice Apps?

Post by Ducaster »

If you have a web access enabled phone for now use the dice roller here :-

Its written by a Forum regular here. Also perhaps mail him I suspect his company might be able to make such an ap and if so I suspect the wife will buy it for her Android Tablet ASAP!
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Re: Android Dice Apps?

Post by EmmaWilson »

Wow this really makes the game easier for everyone who lost the dice:D Thank you!
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Re: Android Dice Apps?

Post by Bobjester »

This link is dead without Adobe Flash:
"Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page

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Some users may continue to see reminders from Adobe to uninstall Flash Player from their system. See below for more details on how to uninstall Flash Player."
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