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Melosiran Rings

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I am currently running through Castle Whiterock. My group is about to encounter Aquil'iya and so I have been looking over all the information about the ring. I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding the sister rings-- name, location, limitations, activations, powers, personality and wearer preferences, etc... This may have been deliberately left to the GMs discretion, so any suggestions would be appreciated! See below for complete description of the ring. I am looking for something similar regarding the earth, air, and fire ring.

This ring is a pink coral band set with three pure white pearls arranged in a triangle. The pearl that sits at the apex of the triangle is about twice the size of its smaller brethren. The band bears elaborate swirling designs that are inlaid with platinum. The ring is a powerful minor artifact forged with the aid of Pelagia (the goddess of water). It was created along with three other rings of elemental command (earth, air, and fire) to aid the surface elves in a bloody war against the drow. Collectively, the rings were dubbed the Melosiran Rings (after Melosira, one of the archmages who assisted in their creation), and tipped the war in the surface elves’ favor. But when the drow were finally driven back to the depths of the earth, each deity retrieved the ring that it had helped forge, and granted it to loyal followers scattered about the whole of Áereth to defend the balance. Alas, the rings were lost as the years went by. Some were taken from owners who fell in battle, while others were simply passed from generation to generation, their true value forgotten.

Aquil’iya was originally given to a charismatic elven paladin named Glenloriana Silverhelm. Following the drow crusades, she wore the ring for almost 100 years before meeting her untimely end. The ring lay undisturbed in her vault for several centuries. (Leaving out the long history of how it got from her vault to Castle Whiterock)

Aquil’iya speaks with an intoxicating sultry voice that flows like a mountain stream. Her special purpose is to defend her wielder. She prefers elven wielders, especially those that are devout worshippers of Pelagia. Clerics and wizards are also preferred (since they are probably intellectually equivalent to her); she will put up with fighter types and rogues, but not without a condescending tone. In general, she will tolerate most any wielder, although she reserves sharp sarcasm for dwarven owners.

Until activated (see below), it radiates faint transmutation magic, and functions as a ring of water breathing (unlike most rings of water elemental command, which bestow water walking).
1. After its first activation, Aquil’iya grants its wielder Aquan as a language and the following spell-like abilities: detect magic, create water (at will); quench (1/day).
2. After its second activation, Aquil’iya’s wielder suffers a –2 saving throw penalty against fire-based effects, a +10 competence bonus to Swim checks, and the following spell-like abilities: water walk (at will); dismissal (against elementals only) (1/day). Aquil’iya itself gains speech, telepathy, and the ability to read all languages and read magic. It directly contacts the wielder at this time.
3. After its third activation, Aquil’iya grants its wielder elemental protection (as described in the DMG) and the following spell-like abilities: wall of ice (1/day); ice storm (2/week).
4. After its fourth and final activation, Aquil’iya grants its wielder the following spell-like abilities: locate object (only functions for other Melosiran Rings, but with unlimited range) (at will); horrid wilting (1/week); control water (2/week). Aquil’iya itself gains a special purpose (defend wielder) and the dedicated power elemental swarm [water].

Activating the ring is a four-step process, with each step relating to one of the four elements. The adventurers can learn of the activation steps from a riddle or through dumb luck.
1. “Bathed in the flickering tendrils of fire most hot” (the ring is subjected to at least 50 points of magical fire or fiery breath weapon damage, or is swallowed by a creature with the fire subtype for at least 10 rounds).
2. “Buffeted by Madrah’s powerful voice” (subjected to gale force winds for at least 5 consecutive rounds, or the wielder falls from a distance of 100 feet or more).
3. “Soaked in the water of the purest composition” (this refers to water from the Elemental Plane of Water. It can be collected from that plane, or from the remains of a defeated water elemental of at least Large size. Water that has been distilled with a DC 20 Craft [alchemy] check and blessed as per the spell is also considered water of the purest form. The ring needs to be soaked for at least 10 minutes).
4. “Firmly embraced in a stony bond” (the wearer and ring are turned to stone or petrified for at least 10 rounds).

Any creature whose alignment is not lawful good gains two negative levels if he or she so much as picks up the item. Although this negative level never results in actual level loss, it remains as long as the item is in hand and cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells). This negative level is cumulative with any other penalties the item might already place on inappropriate wielders.
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