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Castle Whiterock minis

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First, wow! What a treasure trove of CW info! I have owned this mega module for a couple years and opened it for the first time this week as my group voted it the next campaign they would like to play.

While I haven't read all of the posts yet I have skimmed the titles and have not seen any dedicated to minis used for this campaign. I saw Jengenritz mention a few from Lords of Madness and I was wondering if anyone else had recommendations. I haven't read too far in, but as I do I will grow this list.

Lady Chauntessa - Storm Silverhand BW #23

Level 5:
Huge Hydra LoM #20

Level 13:
Balfosa - Nalfeshnee Tyrant LoM #32
Bebilith LoM #03
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